The Hellbreaker's Guide to Hell

Through extraordinary efforts made by many visitors of Hell, above all the few lucky bastards who managed to break out, we are proud to present this invaluable guide to Hell. Read carefully - you'll definitely need every single bit of the information in a short time. A very short time...

Twisted Dimensions

One of the most important features of Hell is that the dimensions are weirdly twisted. When you go too far left, you'll appear on the right. Strangely, going right will throw you out on the... left!

But beware! The demons have their own ways around. Some of them walk just like you, others might exhibit more complicated patterns.

The Ground is Alive!

The ground you walk on in Hell is slightly different from what we all know: it is actually a bunch of lazy demonic entities having their own free will. They can disappear exactly when you stand on them, throwing you down to the shadows and laughing from above. Some may even become hostile if you disturb them too much, mainly by falling on them from a considerable height.

However, the creatures are also dumb and predictable, so once you are free to move, you can take advantage of their behavior.

Wormhole Portals

Hell is divided into small cells, each providing a specific sort of masochistic pleasures. Traveling between these regions is realized through portals, which usually reside in the upper parts of a cell. At times, the eager traveler has to perform a specific task to open them.

Obstacles and Traps

Can you imagine Hell without a nice warm fire? You'll see and feel a lot of it here! But be sure it's nothing like the good old tender campfire. And there are many more interesting things which will heat you up.

Guarding Demons

Infernal chambers host many kinds of demons who ensure that everything's going all right. Some of them will just knock you unconscious, others will burn you alive. You can be kicked into the nearest hole, or robbed of the remaining life energy.

The demons have their own ways through Hell. They can bend the already twisted dimensions to fit their own will; also, the beasts do not rely on the support of the lesser ground like minions and appear just wherever they want to be. Nevertheless, the fiends are not exactly smart and their predictability can be heavily abused.

Not Everything is so Bad

Yes, Hell is not a nice place for a vacation. Yet from time to time you can find nice things even here, for example some residual life energy to feast upon.

Another useful item could be angel wings. You know, an angel visiting Hell is not exactly safe there... Luckily, the feathered wings are not very tasty. But it is also true that, unless the angel resupplies their power, the wings can hold you in the air only for a very short time.

A shield is another handy piece of equipment that can be found on the road. It won't last long under fierce attacks of Hell's inhabitants - yet still better than nothing, don't you think?

If you're lucky, you'll pick a few sticks to make a cross. This will burn to ashes as soon as you wave it against a demon, but at least it will turn the beast away from you.

Questions or Problems?

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