Frequently Asked Questions

When will it be ready?

Now! Get it on the App Store!

What platforms are supported?

Currently only the Apple iOS devices: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. In the future, we hope to port it to the Android and other platforms.

How do I use the collected items?

If you catch an item which appears in the top left corner, it will be used automatically in an appropriate situation. Only one item can be held at a time, and by catching another one you discard the previous.

There are also other things that will regenerate your health, add score, or trigger something nasty. These are used immediately.

How can I get rid of the text bubbles in levels?

They will disappear after some time or when you perform a specific action. If you want to proceed more quickly, tap on them.

There is no portal in the level! What should I do?

Open one yourself! Collecting a few items usually does the trick. And make sure you don't overlook one as some portals might not look exactly compelling at the first sight.

How can I jump when levitating?

You can not! How do you want to jump without your legs touching the ground?

How do I save my position?

Each time you start a new level, the game is saved automatically. If you return to the menu or the app is terminated, you'll be able to resume the last opened level from the beginning. To do so, go to Start Game - Resume or just tap the Hellbreak logo!

Your progress is also recorded by means of unlocking the achievements and levels which enable you to start a new game. The game is divided into episodes, or series of levels with the same theme. First, you can unlock only the starting level of the episode. Once you have completed this stage, you can choose any of its levels by tapping on the "=" symbol. Also, when you die, you can choose to retry the last played level.

Why is there a plus in the score?

The currently earned points are divided into two parts called hard score and soft score. The first number, or the hard score, marks points that can not be lost. However, the second number, or the soft score, marks points that will be reduced by every injury you suffer.

After finishing a level, all your soft score is added to the hard score. A new soft score is determined by how many levels have been finished in one row. You earn more by reaching higher floors, picking bonuses, and other actions.

What is "singlerun"

Singlerunning denotes the completion of multiple levels without dying or returning to the menu. This technique is necessary for the player to unlock some special achievements and to obtain better scores for finishing levels. You can turn your device off, switch to a different app, or receive a call. But be aware that dying or going to the menu will break the line. Here, death is an obvious reason. By going to the menu, you would be able to restart the last played level, which is not what Singlerun is about.

What is the difference between Easy and Hard?

  • Easy mode is slightly slower. The holes are easier to get through, with one life regenerated for each completed level; however, the earned scores are lower.
  • Hard mode is faster. Here, it is more difficult to capture the right moment for jumping through a hole. The mode doesn't provide any life regeneration, and the earned scores are higher.

How to start the endless modes? What are they about?

They will get unlocked after you complete several levels from the main line. Once you achieve this, scroll to the end of the level list in Start Game. Both the modes are endless series of simple random levels.

  • Speedrun: The speed of the game increases with the player's progress to the next level.
  • Crowd: The number of creatures increases with the player's progress to the next level.

More information

In case of any special questions, refer to The Hellbreaker's Guide to Hell, our Facebook page, or our Twitter channel. For more information, you can e-mail us on hellbreak@zy.cz.